Order Contacts

No one way is the best way to purchase contact lenses online unless you buy contacts directly from your doctor. Chances are we probably carry what you need in stock, but if not, we can get it fast. Buying contact lenses direct from your eye doctor not only saves you a trip to the store, but is the safest, fastest, most convenient way to purchase contact lenses.

How do I order contact lenses online?
First, you must sign up for an I.D. and password by clicking here. Then simply follow the ordering process to order your contacts!

Isn’t it easier just to call an online retailer?
Despite unconditional guarantees offered by discount contact lens retailers online, your eye doctor is better qualified to dispense contact lenses. Your eye care professional has a stake in your eye health and knows the pros and cons of various contact lens brands and products. Contact lens wearers overwhelmingly trust the direction of their eye doctor, prefer purchasing health care products from specialists and would rather pay the extra dollar or two to experience personalized patient care when buying contact lenses.

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Simple as this… if you have ANY questions, just give us a call and we are always here to help! (954) 438-3937.